Johnson & Johnson Liscense Suspended in India for Cancer Causing Ingredients

Toxic ingredients were found to be an issue in Johnson and Johnson baby products. In fact their license was suspend byIndia’s FDA. I am wondering why other country’s FDA has not done the same. If FDA has taken such strong action for all baby products made by J&J, the cancer causing residual environmental  contents in each Baby Powder container must be very high and these products must have been sold clandestinely.

Is Johnson and Johnson a company you can trust?

johnson-johnsonLuckily, this case is exposed but must be a tip of iceberg. Thousands of carcinogenic Baby powder containers were sold between 2007 to 2010. Babies have long life expectancy and can take long, sometimes many years to exhibit the symptoms of cancer even if exposure happened years back.

Just imagine how much this company must have paid to block this news from appearing in Times of India. J&J’s PR department must be working overtime to take care that this news does not spread and victims remain unaware of possible compensation.

Johnson and Johnson has had other recalls in the US. Here are some links to previous recalls such as their baby shampoos. In 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, along with 40 other organizations (including American Nurses Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) sent a letter to J&J outlining their concerns with the company’s products, particularly its baby shampoo

That report states that while J&J has removed the formaldehyde-releasing preservative from its baby shampoo in several countries, in the United States if you want carcinogen-free baby shampoo you need to pay double the price for the company’s “Natural” brand of baby shampoo

Johnson and Johnson has also been questioned about other cancer causing ingredients such as 1,4-dioxane and quaternium-15 plus fragrance which is protected by trade secret laws and could contain any number of potentially dangerous chemicals

Where to find a list of Safe Products      

 for you and Your Family

For a list of safe products you can go to the EWG  here to find a list of safe products. The value of safe products for your family is priceless.  Shaklee also makes a safe and effective line of Baby Products. Not only are personal care  important but your cleaning products as well. I personally use Get Clean Products because they are not only safe but effective as well.  Shaklee has been making safe products for over 55 years. In fact some of their products are used by NASA, the Jacque Cousteau society, Washington Zoo and even used at the White House and the Biltmore and more.

The following News Article from the Indian news agency-Niti Central shares why Johnson and Johnson lost their liscense

The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the apex body for food and drug products, has reportedly suspended the licence of Johnson & Johnson, the multinational healthcare and consumer products major, to manufacture cosmetic products at their Mulund plant.

As per reports, the order was issued in a case dating back to 2007 when residues of carcinogenic substances were found in 15 batches of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. And later it was found out that the residue was found because that the talcum powder was sterilised by ethylene oxide which in is carcinogenic and irritant.

As per a report in The New Indian Express, Kamlesh B Shende, FDA joint commissioner (drugs), said: “There were unacceptable levels of ethylene oxide, which is a trigger for cancer. Ethylene oxide was being used to bring down microbial load in the powder by sterilisation. But it was found that there was ethylene oxide residue in the talcum powder, which is primarily used on infants. In light of this, we have suspended the licence.”

The spokesperson of Johnson & Johnson was quoted in the report saying, “The FDA raised concerns about following ethylene oxide treatment, which was not included as part of the manufacturing process submitted to the FDA.”

As per the reports, the order will become effective from 24 June.




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