Alternative Natural Skin Care that Gets Results- How I had a reaction to other skin care products

 I wanted to share with you an experience of Jaima ( a fellow blogger)who found herself allergic to many skin care lines…she shares her story and her pictures below:

We often forget how wonderful a skin care product is until we run out- Jaima shows what happened to her sensitive skin when she ran out of her natural skin care products and picked up something from the store that caused a severe allergic reaction. 

Here is Jaima’s story in her own words:

My thoughts on how fabulous the products I’ve been using for a year now were recently validated… the hard way.

You all know how many changes your body goes through once you get pregnant. And my lifetime of clear, blemish free skin ended as soon as I conceived. And well, let’s just say that my skin is now a good indicator of my cycle.

I ran out of my favorite acne fighting cream, so I thought I’d pick up a random one at Target while I was there instead of waiting 4 days for shipping. BIGGEST mistake ever. I washed my face with it that afternoon. By bedtime, my face felt tight and weird. The next morning… I couldn’t open my left eye.




I could also barely walk because I severely hurt my back. I called my cousin who is a doctor. She immediately called me in a steroid pack and brought it to me.

I quickly reached for my Calming Complex. And by that night, the swelling had went down quite a bit. The next morning (32 hours) I woke up with minimal swelling, and by that night, all the swelling was gone, but my eyes were super sensitive and dark red where blood had pooled. Yes, it was that bad. Day 4, I woke up with literally a dead face. It was peeling and red and blotchy, and soooo miserable. Day 7, I was a little better. My eyes weren’t quiet as dark red, but my skin and lips were still bad, but getting much better. By 3 weeks, I had my normal glowing skin back. And I thank my normal NATURAL repairing skin care for that!

And who better to create my favorite skincare products that my favorite company – Shaklee, the #1 nutritional company in the U.S.!

This Enfuselle video features the amazing Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System and I how to get radiant, healthy beauty in just 3 simple steps in the morning and evening to keep skin healthy and nourished. See how fabulous some of our Shaklee ladies and long-time Enfuselle users look, and hear why they use Enfuselle products to help keep them looking and feeling beautiful.

Shaklee’s skin care products not only give results, they are guaranteed. Enfuselle has been proven to reverse the visible signs of aging. And, you can see dramatic results in as little as 4 weeks. Enfuselle is your best defense against damage caused by time and environmental assaults, and is so exclusive, it has 7 patents.

Enfuselle is not an expense, it’s an investment

Just ask Sarah and she will agree! Check out her before and afters!

Enfuselle Before & After

This is using the entire skin care system for a few weeks! Amazing, right?

And check out the firming serum! Luckily, I don’t have the wrinkle issue just yet, but this is definitely what I’ll be using when the time comes. My Mom would have LOVED this stuff. I wish I could buy it for her for Mother’s Day, but I’m sure she has gorgeous young skin again now.

Editor: Many people do not realize that many claims on skin care are just claims…Shaklee has over 7 patents on Enfuselle. They were clinically tested at the famous Scripps Institue in California as well as the California skin care institute.

The picture below is a person who had used the Enfuselle Products over a 28 day period. The first picture on the left shows normal lighting. A lot of our sking damage does not show up under normal lighting in the begining until years pass. The  special lighting shows the damage to her skin (middle picture)   before she began the Enfuselle program. The last one shows the diminished damage to her her skin after 28 days

 The Clinical tests from Scripps and California Skin Care Showed Amazing Results:

Enfuselle uv light Enfuselle clinical


For More Information on the Enfuselle Skin Care Line Click Here




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