Probiotics and Your Immune System

Friendly bacteria or probiotics have gotten a lot of press lately. Activia commercials with well know star Jamie Lee Curtis have touted the importance of gastrointestinal function with “friendly bacteria.”

Probiotics l documented in improving gastrointestinal functions however a new study from the University of Milan showed that probiotics also play a key role in the prevention of infectious respiratory diseases in addition to gastointestinal health.

Friendly bacteria improves the lower bowel health such as elimination and decreases bloating. However,the study found significant drop in flu and cold episodes.

The study also noted for those who did get a cold or flu while on probiotics had less severity of symptoms and length of time was decreased as well.

CONCLUSIONS: These results demonstrate that a regular, long-term intake of Probiotics may improve health by reducing the incidence and severity of respiratory diseases during the cold season.

Probiotics are the cornerstone of good health since nearly every illness emanates from the colon intestines.Most of us are born with lots of friendly bacteria but the process of bad diet, disease and aging reduces the number. Even some babies may have lowered amounts due to antibiotics.

My daughter had to take antibiotics before delivery because she carried a certain bacteria. After her son was born he would get diaper rash. When she added a product from Shaklee called Optiflora probiotic it cleared up.

All probiotic products are not equal. There are many probiotics that simple don’t work . Often probiotic preperations simple don’t have the friendly bacteria when it arrives on the store shelf or the friendly bacteria does not arrive in the lower colon where it is needed. Stomach acid destroys this friendly bacteria before it gets to the lower colon.
Shaklee Corporation makes a triple encapsulated product called Optiflora that has a pre and probiotic combination that is designed to release in the lower colon.

Optiflora’s, two-product system uses new technology to protect beneficial microflora during the rigors of shipping, storage, and the acidic journey through your stomach. Other products claim live microflora at the time of manufacture. Shaklee guarantees the delivery of live microflora to your colon.

The study from University of Milan reminds us that taking pre and probitoics to help with respiratory infections such as cold or flu can be vital.


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