The Amino Acid that Works like a Diet Pill

How would you like to loose weight and increase your energy. Researchers have found that this particular amino acid causes some profound differences in your cells by triggering a 16 percent reduction in caloric intake, an 81 percent drop in between-meal snacking and a 50% increase in energy in just 48 hours? And on top of this shed 2 inches of subcutaneous fat (you know that dimply, puffy surface fat that’s so difficult to lose) in just 6 days?

Harvard School of Public Health found that one amino acid, leucine, is particularly important for weight regulation. Consuming the optimal amount of leucine causes these wonderful changes in our cells.

Leucine’s has an even more impressive effect on long-term weight loss. According to research at the University of Illinois, leucine stimulates the body to burn subcutaneous fat in order to build toned, trim muscle tissue. (And most of us need that!)

And of course a real bonus to building muscle tissue is that one pound of muscle burns 25 times more calories than one pound of ugly fat! That means a leucine-rich diet shrinks stubborn fat pockets while building calorie –hungry muscle, making weight loss much easier.

In fact you will shed pounds in half the time!

UCLA research shows that achieving the above benefits does not require following a high protein/low carb plan. Instead, women can continue to enjoy the carbs they crave while simply add in a calibrate amount of leucine-rich protein to their diet. “Our research suggest that eating just 1–=150 grams daily will quell hunger pangs and eliminate food craving. Plus, the extra protein will build muscle tissue and banish tiredness” not Dr. Herber form UCLA. “That is enough to double a woman’s weight loss over the first six months, plus increase her energy levels by up to 100 percent.”

Dr. Herber from UCLA goes on to say that at lest 33% of women aren’t getting enough of these protein building blocks in their diet. And since amino acids are essential for the formation of everything from digestive enzymes to neurotransmitters, shortfalls, can have body-wide consequences.”

Studies at India’s University of Delhi and elsewhere show that amino acid deficiencies can trigger health problems ranging from Thinning hair and poor skin tone to chronic fatigue and fertility problems. Shortfalls in amino acids are also a prime factor in weight gain since amino acids are required to maximize metabolism and regulate blood sugar, hunger pangs and food cravings.

Unfortunately, the best natural sources of leucine happes to be from animals and are high in saturated fat (not to mention low on most woman’s favorite foods)

A better way to get all of leucine’s proven benefits: Savor on or two protein-rich milk shakes each day (depending on how quickly you want to lose) in lieu of meals, Then enjoy a regular meal. In fact studies at University of Ulm in Germany found that by substituting tow leucine-rich shakes for two daily meals is so effective that women effortlessly lose 92 percent more weight than they would by eating 3 square meals-even if they don’t consciously reduce e their calories intake in any other way!

The Shaklee Corporation has a well-designed program that uses the science of leucine in their Cinch Weight Loss Program. On the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, you consume Cinch Shakes in place of two meals, preferably breakfast and lunch or a Cinch Meal-in-a-Bar, both of which contain a mega serving of protein with the important amino acid luceine. In addition, Cinch energy teas can be consumed throughout the day to offer a natural energy boost ( I personally love the pomegranate ) . Cinch Snack Bars can be eaten in lieu of your usual afternoon or mid-morning snack and the Cinch 3-in-1-Boost supplement is also taken each day in order to supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs and to regulate your blood sugar. A portion and calorie-controlled dinner of your choice is allowed.



The Cinch Coach software program helps you create a fitness plan that supports your weight loss goals. You can also read articles on fitness and exercise on the Cinch Club website and the starter kit comes with a pedometer to encourage adding more movement to your day and a measuring tape in order to measure your weight loss progress.

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Judy Wagner after loosing 63 lbs and 30 inches on Cinch

Judy Wagner after loosing 63 lbs and 30 inches on Cinch

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