Why the 2 Reasons People Choose Vitamins are Flawed

Have you ever thought that the two reasons for choosing a vitamin is flawed?

Today’s market is absolutely flooded with nutrition products of every kind being offered. The typical consumer buyschoosing-vitamins-lady his or her nutrition products based on 2 main criteria—

1. What the label says. Labels can be made to “look impressive” without valid clinical validation,

2. Price If the label looks impressive and the product costs less, that’s what most people purchase. It seems logical, but that buying decision is completely flawed


Here are 3 very important points to consider

1. Consumers demand lower prices and with lower prices comes lower quality. You get what you pay for. Getting a “high quality” vitamin “cheap” is a bit of an oxymoron—a cheap high quality vitamin.

2. In 2007, there were 1460 nutrition supplement firms in business—many offering bogus products. Here is just on of many articles Click Here

3. FDA DOES NOT control Vitamins and Herbal formulations (they Consumers need to be cautious when it comes to buying nutrition products. To get into the game doesn’t take very much. Anyone can slap a label on a bottle and sell a pill or wonder juice. A company simply has to order from companies called jobbers like Rexall or Chevy Chemical and order a supplement

Why These 4 P’s Are Critical in Choosing a Supplement

PURITY— The word organic has become over-rated, over-used, and is used as a sales ploy by most companies to sell their product. Organic simply refers to HOW something was grown– a growing method. Organic DOES NOT mean something is pure.

Shaklee’s extensive testing goes way BEYOND ORGANIC to guarantee purity in every raw material ingredient we use—no exceptions. Shaklee nutrition products are guaranteed to be PURE and free from any kind of contaminant.

POTENCY—Many vitamin and herbal products on the market when tested, have been found to have nowhere near the amount they claim on their label in their product. In some cases, there was 0% found in the product of a nutrient that was listed on the product label– on the label but not found in the product!

The label may say 100% of a certain ingredient but when tested, contains only 50%, 30%, 20%, and in some cases none of the stated amount. It doesn’t matter what the label says, what matters is what the product actually supplies AND—how the nutrients are delivered in your body.


The exclusive 12 Patent Pending Shaklee S.M.A.R.T Delivery System in Shaklee Vitalizer for example guarantees proper and precise delivery of all 80 nutrients listed on the label. Shaklee guarantees POTENCY. If the label says it, you get it– guaranteed.


Performance-– Shaklee nutrition products have been used in expeditions to theNorth Pole, South Pole, Mt Everest, in Space with Astronauts. In the Time Life Book 25 Greatest Adventures of all Time, 7 of the 25 were powered by Shaklee.

Over 120 Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medal winners were powered by Shaklee. The U.S. Ski Team was powered for years by Shaklee. This is a small sampling of elite athletes and explorers who could choose any brand they want. Why do you think they chose Shaklee? Our products deliver the results people want and need!

Shaklee guarantees RESULTS or your money back.


PROOF-– The proof is in the pudding. It doesn’t matter what you claim about your product—it’s what you can prove. Shaklee has over 100 Scientific Publications, 90 of them published in peer-reviewed journals—more than any other nutrition company.

Shaklee is the ONLY nutrition company whose products are supported by a 3rd party published clinical study that PROVES Shaklee supplement users have better health biomarkers in 5 categories than people who use another brand, or people who don’t take supplements at all.

Check out the links to see the Clinical studies for Shaklee Products

Here is a small sample of our more than 100 published clinical studies:http://www.clinicals.shaklee.com/

The Landmark Study that proves Shaklee supplement users have better health biomarkers:http://www.landmarkstudy.com

Watch this 7 minute Shaklee Difference video clip and you will be more than impressed:




For those who want to see more science Dr. David Dugan, Doctor of Pharmacology explains why it is indeed a challenge to create a Excellent supplement Click this Link On How a Great Supplement is Born

Yours in Health,

Caroline Heinemann

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