Free Shipping Learn and Earn for October 2016

A Great Way to Learn & Earn and get Free-e Shipping

Dear Shaklee Family and Friends,
This Month I am excited to offer you a great way to earn Free-e Shipping on your products for your Shaklee products order. It is a way to earn while you learn about health for you and your love ones. It is as simple as listening to 3  recordings on various health topics.

The first month I will choose the 3 recordings. The following months you will be able to choose many of the topics that most interest you. Click here for more info on how it works

1. After you have listened to a recording just write 3 comments about the recording you found interesting.

2. After you have completed the 3 recordings  then email me an let me know I will then send you a check to reimburse you for the shipping.There is a a $50 minimum to qualify (does not include tax or shipping total)


Please note that if you order cleaners I will do a partial reimbursement up to $10.00. I know you will understand since some of you order heavy 5 gallon  of  the Classic Basic H for gardening and farming.

Remember a set of 3 needs to be completed in a Calendar Month to qualify.


If you have friends or family who would like to participate simply send their name and email with their permission.

These are the audios for the  the month of October (remember after you finish the first 3 you will be able to choose some of the topics that you have a special interest in.


Audios for the month of October


1.  Walk through the Product Guide (this one is a little bit longer than most) You can pull up the virtual catalog in a seperate tab while you are listening) Just left click  open in seperate window so you can page throught the product guide while listening

(You can open up a virtual Shaklee Product Guide in a different window to listen to audio at the same time you are listening to the audio..This one  is a longer than most audios you will listen to because it goes through the Shaklee Product Guide (you can just break up the time by continuing at the time mark you left off)
2.Women’s Health (41 min)  Staying Healthy In a World of Cheetos and Chocolate OR  Men’s Health   A Guy’s Guide to Vitality and Longevity

3.Adulteration of Dietary Supplements by Dr. David A. Colby, Pharm.D., Ph.D

Yours In Health,

Caroline Heinemann


PS If you haven’t completed a personalized Health Print Click Here
Great way to get a more targeted Supplement Program


About the Author

Caroline Heinemann has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Concordia Teachers College in Seward Nebraska. She has coordinated a variety of educational programs in her local community and conducts regional business training events and teleconference training calls. She become personally interested in health when she experienced some personal health issues and found that alternative medicine has been the key to her health. She shares tips on staying healthy. She is a former and teacher and has owned her own health education business for the past 30 years

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