How to Reduce Ear and Sinus Infections without Antibiotics

child ear infectionMany parents have at one time encountered the dreaded ear infection visit to the pediatrician for a round of antibiotics or they themselves have experienced a sinus infection. What if I told you there was a simpler  way to decrease infections, whether the infection is in the ears (otitis media),throat, nose, sinuses, or chest (asthma, bronchitis).
And the good news is it does not involve antibiotics.If that weren’t good enough, this simple treatment for young children prevents the infection from morphing into adherence. What does this mean? It stops the bacteria from clinging to your tissues (as well as clinging to foreign tissues, like PE tubes that are put in kid’s ears for recurrent ear infections. Most people don’t realize the implications of putting foreign bodies like PR tubes  as well as antibiotics can create dangerous antibiotic-resistant biofilms to be secreted around bugs
It turns out that a very simple natural plant sugar xylitol competes with binding sites of bacteria that are needed for them to grab onto our cells to create infection. Bacteria use their hand-like extensions (lectins) to grab onto cellular surfaces to steal nutrients and create infection. Most human cell receptors (for docking sites or bacteria) have sugar molecules in them. And many bacteria are very smart. They have a sweet tooth and are attracted to tissues with these sugar molecules. However by using the nontoxic Xlear Spray, its xylitol can confuse the bugs, coercing them to grab onto this sugar rather than the sugar receptors on our cell membranes. This reduces drastically the number of infections, and without antibiotics.
There’s lots of proof that the xylitol does decrease adherence or the ability of bugs to grab onto the body surfaces to create infection. But beware of copycats. You definitely want a xylitol not derived from GMO corn or synthesized or hydrogenated. For the child with ear infections, it can be given five times a day as a preventive and even given during any prescribed treatment courses. Certainly you would want to start it at the first sign of any infection to try to ward it off. You’ll be interested to read other indications in more detail in the book, No More Allergies,Asthma, or Sinus Infection. (page 8)


So attention parents and grandparents: to protect those precious young ones why not use Xlear NasalSpray to ward off upper respiratory infections. For don’t forget in one study in the Journal of the American Medical Association a walloping 92% of the middle ear infections in a group of children with PE tubes already had biofilms. Remember any foreign object implanted in the body becomes a magnet for infection which leads to antibiotic-resistant biofilm coating on the bugs. If this were not enough, this chronic infection/inflammation then makes the foreign object (in this case the PE or pressure-equalizing polyethylene tubes in the middle ear) act like a magnet for clots.
These clots can travel anywhere, even to the heart,brain, kidney, and eye. Xylitol is very safe since it works locally and is not absorbed, but attaches merely to the glycoproteins on our cell receptors. It’s a plant sugar and stays around for about four hours. Most importantly, it spares these kids from the many bouts of antibiotics which eventually force their “terminators” out of their cells.

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