Does Daily Aspirin Change the Rate of Death from Stroke or Heart Attack?

A Daily Aspirin Makes No Difference

AspirinIn a 5-year study of folks aged 60-85, whether or not they had an aspirin (100 mg enteric-coated) or not, did not change the rate of death, nor stroke or heart attack rate. And these folks from 1007 clinics had a variety risk factors such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or triglycerides and/or diabetes.

Excluded from the study were people with coronary artery disease, stents, previous heart attacks, atrial fibrillation or ulcers. Not only were very sick folks excluded, but the Japanese are notorious for having a better diet in general than Americans, as evidenced by being much higher on the good health scale than the US, (which is #1 for expensive medical care but a dismal #37 in health). Nevertheless the study of over 14,000 patients showed that, that at least the patient with common risk factors does not need to add an aspirin.

For starters, it is one more petrochemical derivative that requires detoxification and steals nutrients.
As well, when comparing symptoms, the folks on aspirin had much more stomach and abdominal discomfort and pain, heartburn, ulcers, reflux esophagitis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, erosive gastritis, nausea and other IBS symptoms.

And there were 2 times more strokes with brain hemorrhage in folks who were on the aspirins. And aspirin can increase the risk of hearing loss

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