How to Raise Your Child’s I.Q.

As parents we want to give our children the best advantage for long term health. Most of would agree that begins in before conception. Many do not realize that the first 5 years are critical and in fact impact their health for a life time.

One book that I purchased was How to Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten and raise it by 30 Points by neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter.  Dr Perlmutter even talks about how to treat ADHD and raise a more focused child.

  Dr. David Perlmutter recommendations david-perlmutter

1. Diet and Nutrition rich in good proteins, DHA, purified water, organic fruits and veggies, and lean protein foods and little to no cows milk or gluten in diet for nursing Mom or children at any age. Use goat milk products when pregnant and nursing. Avoid cow’s milk products for all children. (editor’s note- I think raw cow’s milk is the exception according to Dr. Jerry M.D below is the explanation as why raw milk is okay but homogenized milk is toxic to the body.)

Here is what Dr. Jerry Tennant says about Raw Cow’s Milk- from book Healing is Voltage

One excellent source of healthy fat is raw milk. In fact, it has all the fats you need in exactly the right proportions. Raw milk and cream are total foods. The offspring of mammals thrive on mother’s milk, and millions upon millions of children have thrived on raw cow’s milk down through the ages. Pasteurizing milk far from making it safe—actually damages the proteins in it. Homogenization fractures the long fat chains and turns them into toxic little pieces of the original chains. Raw milk is a nearly perfect food,but pasteurized/homogenized milk is toxic.
Lactose intolerance has become a very common condition in our culture. In reality, people who think they are lactose intolerant are actually allergic to the toxic brew called pasteurized/homogenized milk

No artificial colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, nitrates, etc.

Nothing artificial or words you dont understand should be in your foods. Limit fast food intake dramatically. Limit processed food intake.

NO artificial sugars or dyes.

2. Limit TV, screen time, and video games to NONE before age 3 and limit to 30 minutes a day after that.TV-No

Near focus time should be limited to educational needs on computer and at school, not for fun.

Video games should be movement based and NEVER violent.

Limit to 30 minutes as a privilege that is earned¬ given freely.

Child-Music3. Formal musical training before age 4 and classical music.

4. Low stress environment is vital to a childs emotional, physical, and mental health and their IQ!

5. Dont drill rote memory skills into a childs brain. Create a love for learning environment where a child can learn, explore, have questions, and even make mistakes&but learn from their mistakes and have a love of learning. Let them learn it is okay to take intellectual risks&and learn from it. Children need to feel like they are succeeding¬ failing all the time.

6. Feed the brain myelin for faster connections, more focus, and prune the excessive connections by repetition, DHA daily, purified water daily, and lots of calming touch inputs.

Research shows that children who are raised in a loving environment full of loving touch with hugs, etc. have a higher IQ. Memory is enhanced by deep pressure touch (massage, vibration, hugs). Sensory Integration OT can help with this!

7. Decrease any fight or flight responses with sensory diet inputs. See a pediatric Occupational Therapist for more help!

8. No lights or TV in room when sleeping- any light source at night, especially a TV decreases melotonin productionno nite light

in the brain & you need this neurotransmitter to have good sleep cycles!

9. Supplement as needed with DHA (such as Shaklee Mighty Smart) , good multivitamin like Shaklee Incredivites, iron & iodine levels checked, check for food sensitivities always!

10. Goat milk based formulas best if you cannot breast feed.

11. Watch intake of sugars, especially high fructose, sucrose, dextrose, maltose or any ose sugar. These contain excitotoxins that cross the blood brain barrier disrupting production of important neurotransmitters and promote free radical damage to brain cells.

12. Get the Better Brain Profile from Genova Diagnostics done asap if your child is having ADHD, Autism, Learning disorder, behavior issues, etc. to test blood and for food sensitivities go to: or call . Includes testing for food sensitivities, level of brain fats including DHA, etc.

13. Research alternative vaccine schedules Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sears have good websites and books with examples of alternative schedules that are Thimerosal free and low Aluminum content and which ones are necessary.

14. Prevent and treat ADHD by: DHA, correct diet and nutrition (casein free, gluten free, additive free diet), no excitotoxins in their diet (i.e. artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and artificial sweeteners),

Limit screen time to only educational computer games and NO VIDEO GAMES, check for food sensitivities, intercellular vitamin analysis (, check vision regularly and get vision therapy if needed from a Board Certified Developmental Optometrist (COVD), and check auditory processing.

15. EXERCISE daily with high aerobic exercise at least 30-60 minutes a day!






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