Why Vivix a Mixed Polyphenol Gets Health Results

There has been a lot of talk about Resveratrol. But if a person takes just resveratrol they are not getting the full benefit of a polyphenol. Resveratrol is only one polyphenol out of many.

Let me start with the top 2 ingredients in Shaklee’s Vivix a mixed polyphenol product that vivix4contains much more than resveratrol.  Two of the several polyphenols that is used in Vivix is  found  in red wine and ellagic acid which comes from Muscadine grapes.

These aren’t the  only beneficial ingredients in Vivix, but if I talked about all of the  ingredients, this would be several pages long.  Resveratrol and ellagic acid are both members of a naturally occurring class of  compounds called polyphenols – found in fruits, green tea, coffee, chocolate and  many other foods. They are excellent anti-oxidants & have a number of potential  health benefits. So it is perhaps no surprise that almost any food containing  polyphenols has been turned into a supplement by someone.

And most of these  companies have a long list of supposed health benefits for their products.  So what is the Vivix difference?

What makes Vivix different from all of these  other polyphenol products?

1. There are over 3000 published scientific studies on the top two ingredients  in Vivix (1800 on Resveratrol & 1200 on ellagic acid) compared to a handful for  the other products on the market.

2. Resveratrol is the only polyphenol that has been shown to delay the aging  process and lead to a longer, healthier life span. This has been demonstrated in  every organism tested, from yeast to worms to fruit flies to mice.

The  anti-aging benefits of Resveratrol have nothing to do with its anti-oxidant  potential because it binds to a protein that turns on the body’s anti-aging  genes.  That is why you shouldn’t pay any attention to the hype about the anti-oxidant  potential of the other polyphenol products on the market.

There is no proven  link between anti-oxidants and longevity! Of course, anti-oxidants do play many  useful roles in the body, but Vivix has a higher ORAC score (the standard  measure of anti-oxidant potential) than most of those other products anyway. So  to the extent that anti-oxidant potential is important, Vivix trumps the other  products.

3. The polyphenols in Shaklee’s patent-pending polyphenol blend have all been  shown to activate the same anti-aging genes as Resveratrol. That is not true of  the polyphenols found in many of the other products on the market.

4. The polyphenols in Shaklee’s polyphenol blend are ten times more effective  than Resveratrol alone at preventing the formation of advanced glycation end  (AGE) particles, a key mechanism of cellular aging.

In this slide you can see that the green mitochondria (the energy furnaces of our cells) mulitplies more than just resveratrol. This test was performed

Vivix Cellular energy


Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive about Vivix

blood pressureHIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: I have high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic  and beta blocker combination. Usually even with medication, my systolic ranges  between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere  from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80).

After five days on Vivix, my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59. The only  thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix. The  past few days my BP seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70. That’s  pretty pleasing to me. I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications.

I have not been on any other medications nor changed my diet any and my exercise  level is still around 7500 steps a day, with some light resistance workouts with  5 lb. weights. Overall, I have more energy and am better able to concentrate.

I  recommend taking Vivix in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy  throughout the day. – Genia

ARTHRITIC KNEE: On day 10 of taking Vivix, I noticed quite a difference in the  pain level of my knee that is swollen on the side from arthritis. I would say it  was about 60 percent less painful and stiff.arthritic knee It’s sore now because I had a  marathon week of traveling and company, but the swelling is definitely down and  I’m very excited.

I used to wake up in the night and dread having to move my  knee and when I got up, my knee was very painful for many steps. Sometimes I  would have to walk around at night to get my knee to feel a little better. Now I  have even been able to walk better when I first get up and start walking. I  don’t move like I’m 95. I’m very excited. – Pam

 MIGRAINE RELIEF: I just wanted to share with you that I’ve taken Vivix for about  2 weeks and noticed that I haven’t had to take my migraine medicine. I have been  suffering with almost daily migraine headachemigraines for the past 6 years. I would even wake up  around 3:00 a.m. and start throwing up. Often, I had to call my parents to care  for my children as I was so sick with pain and nausea, even with the  medications.

I haven’t had to take medicine in at least a week. I have tried  numerous medicines for migraines and even have tried herbal remedies without any  luck. Vivix is amazing. Hopefully it will greatly improve my fibromyalgia also.  I am going to order some for a friend who suffers from cluster headaches. –  Kristen –

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