How to Buy Chemical Free Produce without Breaking the Bank

Farmers_Market_Saturdays is our normal trek to the local Farmer’s Market. We like to buy local if possible because we get fresher produce and we like to support the smaller local farmers in the area.  Here, you’ll find an array of local foods which often cost less than foods that travel across the country. Farmers sell directly to the consumer, which helps cut costs.

Our quest was to find the most nutritious- chemical free produce…obviously purchasing organic is a healthy choice because they are grown free of synthetic chemicals.

Does that mean that you always have to buy organic?

If you are like me you may find  yourself spending more on organic fruits and vegetables but I want to share some ways that you can buy chemical free vegetables and fruits without breaking the piggy bank.

During one of our Satuday trips to the farmer’s market I stopped at one our favorite places: Pat Greer’s Raw Food Kitchen. I asked Pat about conventionally grown and organic certification.

Pat began pointing out some vendors who no longer went through the tedious process of maintaining organic certifications but still grow crops using organic principles. Just inquire at each vendor or find a vendor you trust and ask them.

Here is Pat showing off her Raw Foods-Can’t seem to interview and hold the camera


Pat Greer Farmer's Market



You might also consider what foods are more important to purchase organic.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Some fruits and vegetables have minimal pesticide residue or thick protective skins that are peeled away before consumption. The Environmental Working Group lists the “Dirty Dozen” that score the worst for pesticide residue .

Consider buying these organic (the Dirty Dozen) and the 15 clean are the ones that are least sprayed



My hats go off to you gardners..this is obviously a way to control the pesticides and chemicals that you eat.. I know for me it has been a challenge to keep the local squirrels and bird from getting more than their share.


I hope these tips have been helpful.

Pleae comment if you have other helpful tips for shopping healthy.


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