Why You Shouldn’t Heat Your Olive Oil

olive oil and cookingNot sure if you have become a foodie when it comes to Olive oil. I know that I have become a bit of a snob as far as olive oil. I use to use the cheap Costco olive oil which is probably a blend of olive and other oils. However, there was a report that floored me.

Most of aware of the health benefits of olive oil but I didn’t realize that most of these health benefits of olive oil are lost when olive oil is heated and used in cooking.

Darn, I just drizzled some expensive oil olive oil over my asparagus today…and it sure tasted great…but as far as healthful benefits I might as well have use vegetable oil…Sorry my conscience won’t allow me to pour vegetable oil over vegetables even if I destroy the nutritional benefits of the oil.

According to a new study by researchers from Portugal’s University of Porto found that when olive oil is heated the beneficial antioxidants and phenolic compounds are degraded.

Too much heat

Writing in the journal Food Research International, they said their research showed that any kind of heating reduced the power of the phenolic compounds in the oil.

“Virgin olive oil consumption, as final seasoning or within cooked foods, is increasing worldwide, mainly due to its recognized nutritional benefits,” the researchers wrote. “However, different cooking practices, from common frying, to boiling and microwave cooking, undoubtedly modify the olive oil chemical profile.”

Wow did they say microwave? I hope done of you are microwaving anything.

Note that no one is saying you shouldn’t use olive oil. Even after it’s heated it is still just as healthy as vegetable oil. And using it as salad dressing or adding it to food that has just been served is fine, since it preserves the healthful compounds.

 Why don’t you do as the Italian Do?

To be a true Italiano, put a small serving of olive oil on the bread plate and dip your bread in it instead of using butter or margarine. Much tastier, and much healthier as well.

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