Want a Non-Phosphate Dishwashing Detergent that Works?

I was just reading an article from Chuck Athony’s blog. He says that many detergent manufacturers are having problems finding a substitute for phophates because they are banned in many states.

He says that many people are finding that when they open their dishwasher they are finding a white film all over their dishes and in some cases their dishes are ruined.

The reason is manufacturers are trying to find a subsitute for phosphate the primary cleaning agent in the majority of automatic dishwashing detergents.detergent because they feel that the   ends up in waste water and in streams and lakes. This agent helps algae  grow, which crowd out aquatic life, leaving them less oxygen.

He goes on to say in the article that Cascade has not been able to find a good substitute for phosphate and even suggest that you add your own by adding TSP.

First of all adding phosphates is never a good idea. There is a reason why they are banned. Too bad people do not know about a company called Shaklee who has been making biodegradable and effective cleaning products.

When Shaklee first launched our patented, phosphate-free Basic-D® in 1991, we
were way ahead of trend in making available a high performing phosphate-free
automatic dishwash concentrate. It wasn’t until 1994 that phosphates in laundry
detergents were restricted nationwide, but until recently, automatic dishwasher
detergent manufacturers could include phosphates without concern for
environmental regulations prohibiting or limiting the use of phosphates. There
simply weren’t any.

Well, that time appears to be coming to an end. As of this year, 17 states
have enacted laws regarding phosphates in automatic dishwasher cleaners, 15 of
them in 2010 alone

So how does Shaklee Dishwashing Automatic Concentrate perform? First of all a picture is worth a 1000 words so here is a picture of before and after of 2 forks. One on the right was Shaklee’s Automatic Dishwashing Detergent.

Did I mention the economy of using Shaklee. A container of Shaklee Automatic Dishwashing Concentrate is equal to 2 1/2 boxes of Cascade. That is only 20 cents a load for a high performing non phosphate Dishawashing Concentrate.

And the bottom line Shaklee has a 100% money back guarantee on all their products. You can purchase a one time membership and recieve an additional 15% off.

PS Did I tell you that this lady that had such great results with Shaklee Automatic Dish Wash Concentrate also had hard water! No wonder she was pleased with the performance of Shaklee’s product.


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