Does a Mother’s Exposure to Toxins Affect Her Offsprings Health?

The age old question of whether the environment or our genetics affect our long term health has been a question that many scientist have studied. There have been several studies with identical twins to study the effects of environmental factors such as stress, diet, sun exposure and other environmental factors play upon the aging process.

agouti miceOne interesting presentation was done by Dr. Dana Dolinoy from Duke University. She has studied the effects of the enviornment on something called an epigenome. Many of you may be familiar with a genome the genome is the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information. But and epigenome is kind of ike the software that tells the genome how to function. It can either turn a gene off or on.

This is fascinating presentation on Agouti mice and what happens to off spring when the pregnant female mice are exposed to toxins. It also shows that supplementation does make a difference in turning off some of the harmful genes. I hope you enjoy the Dr. Dolinoy’s presentation. I found her work amazing.

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