Natural Interferon without the Side Effects

I just received an advertisement in my email about this pharmaceutical company that is bringing out a natural interferon. The copy ad starts out with …

Savvy Stock Investor:

This is the most important medical advance in 80 years. You’d have to go back to 1928, when Penicillin was discovered, to find something as big or as important!

I had to laugh because there is already a natural interferon out invented by Dr. Kojima the researcher who invented Interferon for the medical community many years ago.

In fact Dr. Kojima spent over 45 years working to find a group of herbs that would help the body make it’s own natural interferon without the side effects of the drug interferon.  Today this product is solely owned and distributed by the Shaklee Corporation and is called Nutriferon.

Our immune system is constantly bombarded toxins  from our envioronment, chemicals we use around the house, what we eat. And of course as we age our immune system is compromised. So adding Nutriferon is important.

The normal dose is 2 tablets a day, however if someone is fighting cancer, or Hepatitis C or other viral infections you may want to add more.

So what are interferons? And why are they so important?

Interferons are natural body proteins made by your white blood cells. They perform a number of critically important immune functions that fight disease and even cancer cells!

Let’s take a look at a couple of slides  of the clinical results of  Nutriferon and I think you will be impressed with the results.


Testimony with Nutriferon

I definitely feel stronger with NutriFeron™.  I am currently taking it due to some Hepatitis C antibodies that have been showing up from a childhood blood transfusion since I was 9 years old.
Now for my success story-
I started taking the Shaklee  NutriFeron™, I re-tested on Aug. 1st, and met with my hematologist on August 11th (2 weeks ago). My hematologist said that I no longer need to keep testing, and that he would send a letter to my gastroenterologist who was contacted by CDC to prove it that I no longer need to continue testing for the virus.  Also, I have not experienced any allergy symptoms in Aug. like I usually do.

Nutriferon testimonials for more testimonies on Nutriferon

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