Facts and Myths About Vitamins and One Cause of Disease

The age- old question of whether we need vitamins is no longer a valid question. The fact is that it is impossible to get the nutrients from our foods because our foods come from depleted soils. So the question is what type of vitamin is the most effective?

As far back as 1936 studies showed that  US soils were grossly  depleted in important minerals because of improper farming methods and the use of synthetic fertilizers that did not replenish the soil with the right nutrients. Now produce  is shipped from far away countries where fruits and vegetables have to harvested early.

There is only one cause of disease but many names for the different diseases. Cells that are not functioning because they do not receive the right amount of nutrients or because the toxic load is too great or both. This is the only reason you get sick.

Millions of Americans take vitamin supplements on a daily basis. Does it improve their health? For the most part the answer is NO. In fact that was proven in a famous LandMark Study that was done at UC Berkley by well- known researcher Gladys Block. Shaklee participated in this study with people who had used the Shaklee products for over 20 years compared to people who had used other brands and another group who had not supplemented at all. The results were astounding. See the enclosed chart.

LandMark study 1

As you can see from the LandMark study chart that was done at UC Berkley you are simply throwing your money away by using most other vitamins.Unfortunately just because the nutrient is on the label it does not mean that the nutrient is useful for your body it may not even get to the cell much less be able to be used by the cell.

The simple explanation is that most vitamin products are ineffective and even some of the best selling brands. Why is that so? Most products are either synthetic, or a hybrid of synthetic as found in many health food stores. Both these types contain toxins and are made or partially made from cheap synthetic coal tar (that is black crude mam)  derivatives that cannot feed your body on the cellular level. The entire health of your body is at the cellular level. These other types of vitamins contain binders, fillers, and other agents that can cause an allergic reaction to these products.

Did you know that fillers and binders/and or chemical additives constitute about of half of most vitamins? These fillers and binders induce toxins and allergens, interfere with absorption and reduce their biological activity at the cellular level.

Take a look for yourself at these pictures of vitamins called chromatograms.. You will see synthetic vitamins and Shaklee whole food based vitamins that have been created from organic food base and then manufactured at a low heat to maintain the enzymes. Enzymes are the life force that make chemical reactions happen. Have you ever cooked a potato and then planted it and it grew? Of course not. Then why do we expect dead vitamins to help us get healthier? The answer is you can not.

A chromatogram is  an analytical technique, which identifies components of a solution by means of color absorbed by filter paper.L

Lines of force and fluted edges found in the pattern of the natural substances are due to enzymes and enzyme activity. The more lines of force the more natural the substance. The important thing to remember is not only is it important where the material came from for the end product but just as important is how the material is processed. You cannot create a product full of enzymes if you take high heat and destroy the enzymes. Just like you cannot take a potatosn22 and boil it and then plant it and expect it to grow.

Lets take a look at the first picture. One is a natural C and a synthetic Vitamin C and Natural Orange Juice and a synthetic orange juice that you commonly see in the grocery store.

sn25Now let take a look at Shaklee Vitamins that have been processed with low heat to maintain the enzymes

Is it any wonder that when people consitently use Shaklee nutritional products they get results?

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