Building a Strong Immune System with this Unique Group of Herbs

Building a stnutriferonrong immune system is vital for a healthy body. Along with exercise and an excellent diet a cutting edge product called Nutriferon by Shaklee Corporation is an excellent supplement for people who want a strong immune system.

I would like to explain in the post how Nutriferon works and share some testimonies of people who have used Nutriferon.


Shaklee NUTRIFERON stimulates every cell of the body to produce its own NATURAL INTERFERON with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

So what is INTERFERON?

It was discovered by world renowned, Dr. Yosuhiko Kojima in 1954, and he was widely honored for discovering interferon.

  • Interferon is a natural substance produced by every cell of the body.
  • It is activated when a cell is attacked by microbes, viruses, cancer cells, etc., and has two important functions.
    • It signals neighboring cells to prepare for action and triggers other resistance mechanisms.
    • It activates other “soldier” immune cells that kill foreign invaders.
  • Interferon helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.

It makes total sense to help the body help itself …. and that is the purpose of Shaklee NUTRIFERON … to stimulate every cell of the body to produce more natural interferon to provide a greater level of protection against broad spectrum flu, viruses, etc.  However, it does not stop there … if your immune system is out of balance with hypo- or hyper-immune disorders, it helps to modulate or rebalance the immune system, and also helps modulate your endocrine system, and is therefore an aid in balancing hormones.

A SAFE Option to Pharmaceutical Interferon: Interferon is so potent that pharmaceutical companies produce it artificially via genetic engineering, and it is successfully used to treat Hepatitis, HIV, and various kinds of cancer … but this genetically engineered interferon is also incredibly toxic and VERY expensive (on average ONE interferon injection costs $500 – which is equal to the cost of an entire year’s supply of SHAKLEE NUTRIFERON!) Dr. Kojima saw the toxicity of the genetically engineered interferon and set out to find a way to stimulate the body to produce interferon naturally.  He and his colleagues spent the next 40 years testing over 200 natural herbal extracts to perfect what we now have as Shaklee NUTRIFERON.  It is the only supplement created by the doctor who discovered natural interferon.  (Dr. Kojima is a member of Shaklee’s Medical Advisory Board.)

NutriFeron is an exclusive blend of clinically proven immuno-supportive phytonutrients … FOUR key herbal extracts, which contain bioactive polysaccharides …

  1. Pumpkin Seed
  2. Plantago Seed
  3. Safflower Flower
  4. Japanese Honeysuckle Flower.

It is intended for everyday use.  TWO easy-to-swallow caplets daily provide natural unsurpassed support for the immune system’s most powerful front-line defenses.

Shaklee Corporation has the world-wide exclusive rights to market this patented, powerful formula … no one else has anything remotely like it!

Who should use NUTRIFERON?

  • Those who are interested in maintaining a peak performance immune system
  • Those who are elderly and, therefore, vulnerable to diminished immunity
  • Those whose diets are not always optimal
  • People with high levels of stress
  • People who are sedentary

NutriFeron Testimonies are Pouring In!

Hepatitis C …. liver enzymes dropped from 800 to 34! “In 1972 my husband had a terrible car accident and required blood transfusions three different times.  As you know, in the 70’s the blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis C.  As a result, my husband contracted Hepatitis C.  His liver enzymes were up to 800.  Normal is between 9-40.  The doctors wanted to put him in the hospital.  He told them he wanted to try to bring them down himself.  He stopped drinking totally and taking over the counter pain medications (since both are very hard on the liver),  and I began giving him Shaklee’s DTX Liver Protection product which contains Milk Thistle and several other herbs.  His liver enzymes went down to 200.  After that we could not get his liver enzymes any lower.  At this time we were facing my husband going for a liver biopsy to determine the extent of the damage and they wanted to get him on interferon treatments, which I have been told make you feel extremely ill (as if you have the flu all the time.)  Then I learned about Shaklee’s NutriFeron, and how it boosts the body’s natural interferon, so I began giving him 2 per day along with 2 DTX per day.  At his last appointment the doctor told him that he does not need to go back to the gastroenterologist anymore because his liver enzymes are 34 …. perfectly normal.  Makes me want to cry, and my husband is absolutely ecstatic.  THANK YOU SHAKLEE!” Sandy
I used to have SOOOO many Colds! “In the spring of 2003 I started taking NutriFeron   Previous to this I had always been susceptible to colds and when I got a cold it would be at least two weeks long.  Previous to knowing about Shaklee, I had been on a lot of antibiotics, had my tonsils removed and stopped drinking milk.   The later two did help, but I was still getting 3 to 5 colds a season and couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t sick at Christmas time.  Winter/Spring of 2003 was exceptionally bad for me.  I spent most of January to June with a cold.  After starting NutriFeron, I can’t believe how my health has improved. I was not ill the entire year.  I have 2 young children so when they would catch a cold, I might feel a scratchy throat, but it never developed into anything.  And then ….. I had my first cold in the fall of 2004.  We were moving to a new community, and with the stress of moving I was out of routine and forgot to take my NutriFeron.  The amazing thing is that once I felt the cold start, I went back on NutriFeron and the cold lasted only 3 to 4 days!!!  I LOVE NutriFeron!” Vicki Calcutt

NutriFeron helps Son with Asthma! “My son started taking NutriFeron around the middle of the winter in 2004.  He usually had terrible allergies in the spring which would trigger his asthma.  This had happened for the last 7 or so years.  I had him on many Shaklee products, but didn’t think to put him on the NutriFeron until I had read an email about it really helping kids with asthma. Well, spring came and he did not have to use any of his preventive medicine for the allergy season.  When I went to the doctor for a physical for another child, my doctor asked me how Christopher was doing with his asthma.  I said he was doing great.  The doctor replied, ‘That preventive medicine really helps during this season.’  I said, ‘He’s not on any of the preventive medicine you have given him, but I do have him on an immune system builder through Shaklee.’  He looked surprised.  We continue to see great results with his asthma ever since he has been on the NutriFeron.  What a GREAT product!” Tammy Johnson

Small Child with Asthma … Great Results:
Patty Palma reports the following:  “A grandmother told me about her grandson who was sick all the time.  He has cold induced asthma where they would put him on steroids and meds.  The first year on the NutriFeron he did not get sick once.  Since then only twice, and the last time was this summer when his Mom wanted to see if he really needed to be taking the NutriFeron year round.  She stopped giving him the NutriFeron and he got a cold that turned into a bad case of asthma.  They had to use the steroids and a steam system to help him breathe.  He is too young to use an inhaler.  They have found the NutriFeron keeps him healthy and off the medications.  What a blessing to this family and a sure sign that children will benefit from using this product.”

Sickly Child Greatly Improved! “We started giving NutriFeron to my granddaughter when she was only 4 years old.  We crushed it and mixed it with peanut butter and organic fruit jam.  There is no taste.  The reason that we started giving it to Lindsey was that she had started preschool and was getting sick all the time.  Her sister, Brooke, was taking the NutriFeron (Brooke was 8 and can swallow pills) and was doing great.  Shaklee cannot claim that it is good for children since their clinical testing was not done on children or pregnant & nursing women.  However, the ingredients are absolutely harmless, and one of the scientists at Shaklee told me that she gives it to her three year old with great results.  All my children and grandchildren take NutriFeron with great results.  The older ones are 19, 17 & 15 and they never get sick.  We also have a lot of allergies in our area and it has really helped.  My sons and their wives take it too.” Janet
AIDS Virus No Longer Detectable in Blood – Incredible! “I am a mentor to a young man of 20 years with AIDS.  I suggested that in addition to his regular treatment, that he try some Shaklee products, mainly, Basics with Soy and NutriFeron.  When he started the program his T-Cell count was very low and the viral load very high.  I cannot remember the specific numbers, but his T-Cell count was around 200 and the viral load was in the high thousands.  Well, he went back to his Doctor for his regular blood work less than 30 days later after starting his Shaklee program, and to his doctor’s surprise and his own surprise … his T-Cell count jumped way up to around 498+ and the virus was no longer detected in his blood.  He was so excited when he called me on my cell phone and said his doctor was stunned and counted on his fingers the number of days since he last saw him.  His doctor also turned pale and said he NEVER saw anything like this before.  One of the nurses smiled at him and told him … ‘keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it’s working’.  I thought this testimony might help folks realize the POWER of this GREAT Shaklee product – NUTRIFERON.” Richard Cooper

NutriFeron & Shingles: “This past week I had to go to the doctor with a rash on my back.  I did not think much of it, but it started itching and hurting.  It was the start of shingles.  Right away the doctor told me that he would prescribe some steroids for it.  I informed him that in no way was I going to take them. He said there was no other way to get rid of shingles and that I would be back in to see him in a couple of days if I did not take them.  I went home and started reading my nutrition books on shingles.  My friend gave me a bottle of Shaklee NutriFeron, so I doubled the dose, and also doubled the daily maintenance recommendation for several supplements including:  B Complex, Vitamin E, Advanced Beta Carotene, Vita Lea, and Soy Protein.  By Saturday the rash was gone and the itching and hurting was also gone.” Betty

Lymph Node Problems Disappeared: “I’ve been on NutriFeron for some time now.  About two months ago, I had a breast MRI and the doctor found a lymph node he wanted to further check into, so he ordered an ultrasound.  I told my Shaklee distributor and she recommended that I double my NutriFeron to 4 per day, which I did for about 10 days.  I went in for the ultra-sound and the technician kept going over and over the area.  She said there was a lymph node indicted by the doctor on the MRI, but she couldn’t find any abnormalities.  She continued to look for about a total of 30 minutes … but no challenged lymph nodes were apparent.  She confirmed her finding, or lack thereof, with the radiologist, who also saw nothing.  They advised me to be sure to have a follow-up MRI in six months,, but agreed there was nothing there at this time.  Thanks to God, my Shaklee Distributor, and NutriFeron in that order!  I’d be lost without them.” Pam Beelitz

Pneumonia GONE! “My Aunt Gerry was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She is 86 years old and living in a nursing home.  The doctor insisted on a shot of antibiotics followed by oral antibiotics.  I said no, let’s try this first (I am her power of attorney).  I suggested she take two NutriFeron and two Shaklee CorEnergy twice a day.  I told the staff the product takes 3 days to increase the white blood cell count.  I showed them the clinical test results.  Aunt Gerry did not get worse.  And by the 5th day she no longer had pneumonia.  There is resistance by the medical team at the nursing home to attribute the products to her recovery, but I know my Aunt Gerry, and she has no other health problems and I witnessed her recovery.” Bobbie Stasey

Another Pneumonia Testimony: “My husband, Don was admitted to the hospital 3 times with pneumonia in 1951.  After that he took penicillin at least five times a year for respiratory problems until 1971.  A Shaklee distributor started him on Shaklee supplements.  After that Don was able to keep his respiratory problems under control without drugs, and when he felt his throat getting scratchy he used lots of Vitamin C plus other supplements including Shaklee DR (premium echinacea formula).  Since we added NutriFeron to his vitamin program, he has not had a hint of a problem … first time in over 50 years.” Gloria White

Serious Bowel Bacteria GONE: “In March of 2005 I made a trip home to see my father in the nursing home.  I back came home a very sick person, but because I have a history of IBS I thought that was my problem.  After 10 days of extreme abdominal pain and a foul smelling discharge, I finally went to the doctor.  My doctor tested my stool and I was diagnosed with C-Diff (Clostridium Difficel … a bacterium that can cause serious illnesses including botulism, tetanus and gas gangrene).  After a month of treatment through my doctor, I began taking Shaklee NutriFeron … in a week I could tell a significant difference in my body.” Karleen Taylor

Read more about how Shaklee’s newest product, NUTRIFERON, can provide
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About the Author

Caroline Heinemann has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Concordia Teachers College in Seward Nebraska. She has coordinated a variety of educational programs in her local community and conducts regional business training events and teleconference training calls. She become personally interested in health when she experienced some personal health issues and found that alternative medicine has been the key to her health. She shares tips on staying healthy. She is a former and teacher and has owned her own health education business for the past 30 years

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    nitriferon is making worse since psoriasis is caused from a overactive immune system..should he consider stopping the product? Thank you

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    Nutriferon is an immune modulator. If the immune system is over active it will down regulate it. If it under if will regulate it up. Have you also tried GLA and Omegaguard. You need healthy fatty acids.

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