How this Powerful Nutrient can Change Your Health

One of the supplements that everyone should take is CoQ10.

Technically CoQ10 is not a vitamin.  Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) is a natural chemical compound that we make in our bodies and consume in our diets, primarily from oily fish, organ meats such as liver, and whole grains.

It resides in the energy-producing part of cells and is involved with producing a key molecule known as adenosine-5-triphosphate (or ATP).

ATP is a cell’s major energy source and it contributes to several important biological processes, such as the production of protein, and muscle contraction.

Health Benefits of CoQ10:

CoQ10 puts cancer into remission and is such a powerful heart cure, it reverses heart disease. It acts like a generator for every organ in your body. It increases energy so they function at their best.

CoQ10 is key to the protection of your body’s cells. It’s just like the key you use to lock your front door, keeping you safe and secure. Without enough CoQ10, your cells become weak and open to attack.

Now, CoQ10 is proven to fight what I believe is the root cause of all disease: inflammation.

An obesity study centered on mice that were fed a high-fat, high-fructose diet – just like the junk food diet many people eat. Not surprisingly, the mice developed inflammation and disease complications. When CoQ10 was added, inflammation decreased.

CoQ10 will help guard against diabetes, heart disease, cancer. CoQ10 has so many benefits, it’s surprising foods are not fortified with it.

The best natural source of CoQ10 is red meat, especially organ meat. Our ancestors had it made. They thrived on a diet of fresh beef heart and liver. You can too, simply by adding grass-fed organ meat once or twice a week to your diet.

If you don’t like dining on hearts and liver, you can get almost the same level of this important coenzyme by eating a juicy steak a few times a week.

This will give you an idea of the concentrations of CoQ10 found in meats:

Food Item / Coenzyme Q10 (mcg/g)

  • Pork heart – 126.8-203
  • Beef heart – 113.3
  • Pork – 24.3-41.1
  • Beef liver – 39.2
  • Beef – 31.0 – 36.5
  • Pork liver – 22.7
  • Chicken – 14.0 – 21.0
  • Pork ham – 20

Whether or not you’re a meat eater, your body still may be deficient. Here are three things that cause a deficiency:

1. Missing Nutrients: Your body needs vitamins to use CoQ10. If you’re missing vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, vitamin C, folic acid, or pantothenic acid, you may be in trouble.

2. Drugs: Statins, beta blockers, diabetic medications, or other drugs rob your body of CoQ10.

3. Drain: Obesity, exercising like a maniac, or severe shock causes inflammation. It uses up CoQ10.

This is why I recommend taking a CoQ10 supplement. Every tissue in your body responds to CoQ10. So every disease or dysfunction responds well when it’s added to your diet.

Every CoQ10 product is not effective.

There are many  CoQ10 products on the market. And all of them are not as effective as some.  For example  dry base CoQ10 products  are not very effective. I like Shaklee CoQ10 product called CoQHeart.

What makes Shaklee CoQHeart™ different? First the manufacturing process that uses patent pending technology to enhance the absorption. Enhanced up to 500% more bioavailable than competitive powders, 333% more bioavailable than soft gels, and even 33% more bioavailable than a leading bioavailability-enhanced soft gel. In addition to its improved bioavailability, CoQHeart™ also contains mixed tocopherols and resveratrol.

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