Building Your Child’s Immune System

I am a current patient of Dr. Richard Brouse who founded Sunnyside Health Clinic. Dr. Brouse is a clinical Nutritionist, Biochemist and Physician Chiropractor. In his past newsletter he has written some helpful suggestions for parents in building their children’s immune system. However, you will find some tips for adults as well.

Immune Challenge Time for Children

by Dr. Richard Brouse brouse_shadow2

Going back or starting school increases exposure to new viruses which challenge immune coping skills. With the development of Shaklee’s new Incredivites, children’s immune enhancing multiple vitamin-mineral supplement,now is the time to prepare for the flu and cold season. Each Incredivites tablet contains 25 mg of lactoferrin. It is also present in healthy white blood cells and secreted by some pancreatic cells. Lactoferrin can be purified from milk or produced  recombinantly. It is a globular multifunctional protein with antimicrobial activity

(bactericide, fungicide) and is part of the innate defense, mainly at mucous membranes. Human colostrum  has the highest concentration with human milk coming in a distant second. Cow’s milk has much lower lactoferrin content than human milk. Of course children over 12 (puberty) can benefit fully from taking Nutriferonon a daily basis.

Don’t forget to:

  • get adequate sleep
  • eat a nutritious breakfast
  • wash hands 4 or more times per day

A statement originating from the Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta 5/9/09 says that ..swine flu, H1N1, is with us to stay. One way to minimize the spread through schools and prevent school closures is to have teachers and students wash their hands before meals and after recess. This has proven in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota to be as or more effective than vaccination alone. Immunity Formula I provides the essential nutrients for a healthy immune system: Vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12, folic acid, copper, selenium, and zinc. 1 to 3 capsules each day can also be taken by children to strengthen the immune system.

At the first sign of a pending viral infection, cold or flu, children,(and adults) can chew, suck or swallow 1 to 3 Defend & Resist every 3 hours until all symptoms cease. Defend and Resist is also called Shaklee DR

According to Dr. Bruce Miller:I consider Shaklee DR the most effective defense against a cold or flu you can possibly buy. The Shaklee Corporation has developed a phenomenal cold and flu fighter. This remarkable product contains ingredients that do something that no medicine can do …. STOP the common cold or flu right in its tracks. Each of the ingredients in Shaklee DR has been clinically proven to reduce both the symptoms and duration of viral respiratory problems. There is nothing like it on the market!”

Dr. Brouse also mentioned said that:

“Shaklee’s DR suppresses the cough reflex, soothes the throat, kills viruses in the throat, keeps virus cells from replicating, stimulates killer cells to rid the body of cancer cells, and contains a compound from larch that is only found in breast milk for the immune system.” When Dr. Brouse did testing on his own blood, Shaklee DR increased the mobility of his white blood cells within just a few hours of taking it!

One of the four ingredients in Shaklee DR is LARCH. It is even more powerful than Echinacea and stimulates the proliferation of immune fighter cells. It is specifically recommended by natural pediatricians for the treatment of inner ear infections because it boosts the immune system and inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria that gets in and plugs up the Eustachian tube.

BE READY …. have a bottle on your shelf, and the minute you feel the symptoms of any bug coming on, hit it hard with Shaklee DR. Take six tablets per day for about 7 days. After 7 days, stop for 3 to 4 days. If your symptoms are not gone, follow with a second round of 7 days.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: If I feel something coming on, I take 6 every two hours three times – total of 18. This often helps knock it out before it ever takes a foothold.)

Childhood Asthma in Relation to Antibiotics

Asthma is the most common cause of chronic illness in childhood with one in eight children in the US affected.

The March 2009 Pediatrics Journal outlined a study evaluating
more than 250,000 infants looking for relationships
between antibiotic use in their first 12 months of life and
the development of asthma during the first 24 months.
Results showed a definite correlation of asthma risk increasing with each exposure to antibiotics. The risk was
highest in children treated with more than four courses
during their first year. The findings took into consideration
other factors such as birth weight, gestational age, delivery
method, socioeconomic status as well as other variables
but the conclusion was any exposure to antibiotics
and other medications in the very young increases the
likelihood of developing chronic life threatening asthma.

Also, it was noted that repeated antibiotic use can reduce
their effectiveness over time, meaning they’re progressively
less likely to help and even do more harm than good

For those of you who are interested in using Dr. Brouse’s professional service you can call his clinic at 503-654-3225 to set up an appointment. Dr. Brouse has been using Shaklee in his clinic for over 40 years along with other tried and proven products that give results.

Another excellent resource is Dr. David Dungan, M.D. Internist and Pediatrician who is on the faculty at Loyola. He and his family had had some great results with Shaklee products. Listen to this brief audio as he reviews products that have been helpful for his own children. Dr. David Dugan, M.D.

If you are not a Shaklee member yet and would like to obtain a discount on products please go to this website to join for product discounts.

About the Author

Caroline Heinemann has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Concordia Teachers College in Seward Nebraska. She has coordinated a variety of educational programs in her local community and conducts regional business training events and teleconference training calls. She become personally interested in health when she experienced some personal health issues and found that alternative medicine has been the key to her health. She shares tips on staying healthy. She is a former and teacher and has owned her own health education business for the past 30 years

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  1. Jessica Taylor May 1, 2010 at 12:19 am -

    The usual remedy for common cold is just lots of water, fruit juice and also vitamin-C tablets.–‘

  2. Marti Holmes July 28, 2014 at 3:49 pm -

    I have been a Shaklee user for about 20 years now. Thank God for their products. Speaking of colds and/ or flu, I have not had one in more years than I can remember. I always got the flu every year, never took the shot. I started taking the Shaklee Immunity Formula, plus NutriFeron, Vit C, zinc & D&R when I felt a little sore throat coming on and by the next day-GONE! Always. I have my grown children & grandchildren taking my formula and they have the same results. They call me or come to my house when they start to feel bad for their prescription to be filled -LOL My doctor always tries to get me to take the flu shot and I ask her what for??

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