How to Join Shaklee

There are several different ways for you to enjoy the benefits of the #1 Nutritional Company. You can be a simple consumer of their products or choose to create your own home office and become a Business builder. You make the decision on what level you would like to participate.

There is no pressure or obligation to do more than you want to do. No monthly requirements or automatic sales of products you don’t want. You are in charge of your own purchasing – WOW there’s a novel concept!

There are benefits to each level depending on your goals. And you can always upgrade from one level up to another if your situation changes and you want to do more.

You may want to look through this virtual catalog and view some of the products…CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE PRODUCT GUIDE to open up the virtual catalog and  to LISTEN TO the AUDIO  presentation of the product guide  CLICK HERE to listen as you flip through the virtual Shaklee Product Guide.



The levels of participation are:

Level 1:  Retail Consumer                                                               

Level 2: Member

Level 3: Distributor

Level 4: Gold Ambassador


Level 1: Consumer                      


At this level you only use product. You don’t become a member of the Shaklee Corporation you just purchase products at retail price.

Pros: You are using a great product and helping you, your family and your planet become healthier. No money involved to join.

Cons: You pay suggested retail price. You don’t have the opportunity to get paid to purchase and use product.

    Cost: $0.00

Level 2: Member

Rita LoudAt this level you are probably only interested in being a consumer and using product. But unlike level 1, you would like to save   money off each order. At this level membership is either $19.95 or it is Free when you purchase a Vitalizer or a Shaklee 180 Weight Management Kit when you join.

Purchase a Vitalizer Vitamin Pack or a Shaklee 180 Turn Around Kit and  get a FREE Membership!   

 Pros: You save 15% off Suggested Retail Price (SRP). You get a New Member kit which includes a product guide, a product DVD, a special Shaklee homepage online where you can place orders and have access to a library of health and wellness information, and more.

Cons: It costs $19.95 to join. However, because of the 15% discount you will pay that off after you have purchased about $130 worth of product (that’s 36 cents a day to improve your health) before you are saving money over no membership. So if you are truly interested in creating a healthier life, it is well worth it to become a member.

Cost: $19.95 (one time cost, NOT A YEARLY fee likes Sam’s or Costco)


Click Here to find out How to Get an Additional 10% off on various products and Free coupons 


Level 3: Distributor


At this level, you are interested in using product, being a consumer and improving your health but you also are thinking about making some money back by using the product and sharing what you know with others. This is the first step towards becoming an Independent Distributor. Don’t let those words scare you, you are not obligated to buy or sell anything. You are in control…

 Pros: Receive 15% discount off SRP. Free product with next order of 100 PV Potential to earn bonuses, Shaklee Independent Distributor Kit

Cons: . You don’t get a whole lot more than you would get at the $19.95 – Member level. You can still earn bonuses at the member level and if you are truly interested in building a business you should take the next step and sign up as a Gold Ambassador. Take a look at the next level to see more…


Cost:  $49.95





Level 4: Shaklee Gold Ambassador

To take full advantage of the Shaklee earning opportunity, your best choice is to join as a Gold Ambassador

Gold Ambassadors qualify for special Gold bonuses and the Shaklee FastTRACK Program bonuses, which give you the ability to earn up to $100,000 in total compensation, including $34,000 in extra bonuses, trips, and other great rewards—all in your first 15 months.* After that, an extra $50,000 in bonuses are available at Key Coordinator and Master Coordinator ranks!

Gold Ambassadors receive:

A product valued at up to $100 retail at no additional cost when you sign up for a 100 PV order on AutoShip

A Distributor Welcome Kit

A 15% discount (off SRP) on all product purchases

Access to for news, training, and sales tools

A Shaklee Personal Web Site—the face of your business online—for a number of months at no additional cost

A selection of products to Shaklee-ize your home


Shaklee Gold Ambassador kits come at 3 levels


Level 1 Gold Ambassador Kit – $299                        

  • 5 of Shaklee’s best selling products woth over $200                
  • a FREE Shaklee product worth up to $100     
  • The distributor Kit worth $40
  • 3 months of your personal web site and set up worth $60
  • Gold Ambassador status worth $99
  • Eligibility to earn Gold Ambassador, Tru-Infinity, and FastTRACKbonuses – priceless
  • It has all the basics you need to start, own and operate your Shaklee business with a comprehensive step-by-step manual to guide you through creating your personal plan of action.
  • There is a complete laminated Opportunity Flip Chart and DVD
  • And of course a 15% discount on all the products
  • And Shaklee will plant 5 trees to offset the carbon emissions



Level 2 Gold Ambassador Kit Plus –   cost $599

What makes the GOLD PLUS PAK unique?

• A Shaklee Personal Web Site for six months at no additional cost

• 500 PV

• 18 best-selling Shaklee products


Gold ambassador Kit Shaklee 180 Weight Management Business Builder Kit     



Level 3 Gold Ambassador Kit- cost $750

What makes the SUPER GOLD PAK unique?

A Shaklee Personal Web Site for six months at no additional cost

• Four packs of best-selling Shaklee products: – GOLD PAK

#59714 English or #59715 Spanish –      

Cinch®  Starter Kit #59105 –

Get Clean®  Starter Kit #50456 –

Enfuselle®  Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System (Normal to Dry) #50916


How to Gain Access to Your Shaklee Back Office

Enlarge screen for presentation by clicking on  button that looks like this  ——->

Learning More about the Products with Shaklee University


Shaklee is about health.About a better way of life. About greater wealth.

Experience Shaklee products through the eyes of our scientists and our experts. Learn first-hand best practices from top Shaklee leaders how to build a successful Shaklee business. Start today to make a better world for you and those you care about. It’s just a click away.

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